20,000 pictures – 20,000 donations

Dear painters,

I want to invite you to participate in the following social art project regarding The Year Of Forests 2011.

Some projects develop quite fast some kind of self-reinforcing tendencies and are realized faster than expected. Thus the idea to collect and sell 20,000 pictures in order to provide donations with the proceeds found general approval in a short time.

It’s already obvious that the project will be realised.

Support in terms of logistics and website is already in work. In the next months the website will be the platform through which the project is coordinated.

The contacts to international organisations and the general positive feedback are very encouraging.

In order to arrange the several exhibitions appropriate we were in need of an experienced specialist. This we found in Hannah Kotrc, paintresse from Bremen. She will accompany the project as curator.

We are looking forward to your support of the project and a good co-operation.

Have fun reading!
Best regards

Ulrich Thon
(idea and project management)

Ulrich Thon – Hansaring 38 – 48155 Muenster – u.thon.pro-emotion@web.de – +49 172 – 637 8 613 – www.ulrich-thon.de

20,000 pictures – 20,000 donations

The idea of „20,000 pictures – 20,000 donations“ was developed during a project called SocialArtProjects which was born by the creative force of director, author and educator Ulrich Thon.

The plan is to create 20,000 pictures all around the world in the format of 30 x 30 centimetres by using different materials. The proceeds are to be used to realise donations for future orientated social projects.

In order to support one sector intensively Ulrich Thon decided to grant donations coming from “20,000 pictures – 20,000 donations” to projects dealing with forestation for a sustainable guaranteed supply of drinking water.

The participants involved don’t necessarily have to be freelance and well known artists in the field of painting. All people out of all ages and contexts who has fun to paint are welcome. The focus is put on the picture not on the artistic or academic career. Thus the separation and evaluation of other people and their actions are symbolically annulated. This emphasizes the attitude of the participating supporters.
In the exhibitions the pictures from the different countries will be placed into a new cultural and social context – leaving all borders behind. Thus pictures from Germany will be shown in South Africa or pictures from Brazil will be exhibited in China.
The additional benefit for the involved artists is the participation in a group exhibition placed in different countries and the chance to implement this into their CV.
Hannah Kotrc – paintresse from Bremen – is curator of the exhibition.
On agreement of the artists all pictures will be uploaded and displayed in the World Wide Web. The CV of the participants will be attached to the pictures. The artists agree not to purchase any money from the project. The projects will be presented to the participants investing money.

Ulrich Thon wants to prove the common saying “one cannot do anything” wrong. Therefore the different campaigns within the SocialArtProjects represent active action as proof of the contrary. Almost everybody owns a credit card and is therefore integrated in a worldwide network. The idea of the SocialMap is in real terms a philosophical one: by standing up for subjects and other people the establishment of a self dependent social network will be realized. People with an idea who cannot realize their project due to a lack of help can refer to this network and acquire the help they need. The concept of networking for broad, jointly social action will allow the joint of responsibility for the society in which we live. The “sense of community” can be experienced by its creation. The slogan “democracy and social action is fun” stands in the centre of this positive thought. For Ulrich Thon it is important that the emerging projects maintain their independency and non-restrictive status.

The current project with the title “20,000 pictures – 20,000 donations” simply wants to acquire money for donations in order to grant these to projects dealing with forestation for a sustainable guaranteed supply of drinking water.


The participation in the project is not restricted in terms of the artistic career.

The pictures can be created on any material but must have the size of 30 x 30 centimetres.

The pictures will be presented one time national/ international in a group exhibition and are to be auctioned or sold on site.

A short note of the person (max. 10 lines) are is welcome and to be send to 20000PICTURES@web.de

The pictures and the note of the person will be published on the project website and can be auctioned and purchased there.

The originals have to be packed ready for transport and are to be send to SocialArtProjects – z.H.: Ulrich Thon, Hansaring 38, 48155 Muenster, GERMANY. They will be professionally catalogued and stored there.

The several exhibitions incl. pictures and artists will be announced in the internet. Due to the range of pictures it is not possible to provide individual information.

If the pictures won’t be sold there is no right of refund. Welfare services in the country of origin will be provided with these pictures. In order to avoid unauthorized use this step will also be regulated by contract with the respective welfare services.

The use of the donations will be documented and updated on the website in form of a project diary.

Ulrich Thon
Friedrich Junge Str. 21
10245 Berlin
u.thon.pro-emotion@web.de – +49 – 172 – 637 8 613 – www.ulrich-thon.de

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